About the Verein

ANHALT, TEXAS. Anhalt, twenty-eight miles west of New Braunfels in western Comal County, was settled by German pioneers in 1859 and known as Krause Settlement. The settlers united in early years for protection against Indians and reorganized in 1876 as the Germania Farmers Verein to safeguard and improve their livestock. The society grew in succeeding decades to include mutual insurance and social activities. In 1887 the verein leased land from George Krause and built a meeting hall, which they enlarged in 1896. As late as 2003, hundreds of people still gathered at the Anhalt Hall for annual spring and harvest festivals and other music events. Two explanations have been offered for the name Anhalt: one, that it derives from the German word for “stopping place” and was suggested by an early settler when a post office opened in 1879 in the Krause Store; the other, that it refers to a region of the same name in Germany. The post office closed in 1907. In the 1970s the population along Anhalt Road between Farm Road 475 and the hall was estimated at ten. No population figures were available for the community in 2000.

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~ Oscar Haas

Germania Farmer Verein (German Farmer’s Club) was established in 1875 as a social and benevolent organization. For over 125 years the Verein has held a festival on the third Sunday of May and the third Sunday of October. The only exception was October of 1998 when it was flooding so badly in Comal County that the Oktoberfest had to be canceled that year. The festival highlights a family style meal, Polka Music in the afternoon and a Country and Western Dance in the evening.

The Verein began on October 4th, 1875 when a gourp of ranchers met at the store of Louis Krause that was on the New Braunfels – Boerne Rd, to organize the Stockman Club, which in February of 1876 was renamed the Germania Farmer Verien. Carl Koch was elected the first President, Christian Hoffeinz Vice President, Fredrich Hoffeinz- Secretary, Heinrich Wehe-Corresponding secretary, Caspar Sueltenfuss-Treasurer. 50 Charter Members were listed. In April of 1876, a “G” brand was adopted as the official brand to be used with the owners brand to deter rustling of cattle. In February of 1879 the first hall measuring 26’X34″ was erected by Franz Erben for the cost of $344.00. In 1880 the first Maifest was held for members only and a dance floor 28’X58′ was laid. In 1887 the hall was expanded by 60 feet for the cost of $666.00. In that same year a resolution was passed to put the Verein against prohibition. . In 1891 the hall was again enlarged 20′ by 6″ at the cost of $751.80. In 1894 the Verein held it’s first agricuture fair which continued into the early 1900’s. Chris Herry of New Braunfels was contracted in 1908 to build the addition to the hall which is the current dance floor at a cost of $2512.37. Mr. Geue had the lighting contract for $192.50. In 1951 the beer garden was added and in 1953 the kitchen was built.

Today the Verien has approxamatly 350 members.